One of the answers to this interesting question is having ample knowledge of programming. Nowadays, learning a programming language has become an invaluable life skill. Once you have gained expertise in this front, an entire world of career possibilities opens to you. So for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of Top 10 Programming Languages that you can learn in 2020. It is used for most back-end development with Android and big data applications. Java is also commonly used for desktop applications, mobile computing, games, and numerical computing.

The bottom line is, you definitely need to learn more than one programming language to get a job in most companies. I have also compiled a list of best programming tools and resources for each programming language, to help you get started quickly. Learn about programming languages and more with King’s Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Coding is a lucrative skill for a successful career, but where do you start?

programming languages infographic

As a result, it grew faster than any other language in the last 12 months, more than doubling in size. In our last infographic, JavaScript was the most popular programming language. What has changed in terms of the sizes in the last six months? Though it’s younger than Python and Java, C# is no less popular, having made many top ten lists over the years.

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Do you use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) for local development?

Python is more popular than Java in terms of overall usage, while Java is more popular than Python as a main language. C# was developed in 2000 at Microsoft to rival Java, which is also on this list. You must have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop websites using Ruby on Rails.

Here’s the ultimate checklist to decide which programming language you should learn first. Though commonly used in Windows, C# can be applied to any open-source platform. Due to its broad functionality, C# is used to create numerous programs and applications – including websites, mobile apps, games, cloud-based services, and much more.

programming languages infographic

PHP is a side-scripting language embedded in HTML, which adds functionality to websites without calling out to external files. It can manage databases, dynamic content, session tracking, and even e-commerce. Sign up to our community to have your say in our next developer survey. There are Hourly IT Consulting Rates, 2022 tons of debates that argue other coding languages are better, but I think we should to stick to the majority opinion. I’ve received a lot of questions and misinterpretations of the infographic, which is understandable. There’s only so much information I can squeeze into an infographic.

Which platforms do you target with your projects?

PhP is the code behind Facebook and WordPress, while Hulu and Groupon use Ruby. Each programming language has pros and cons, so plan your direction and pick one to learn. The top-5 languages developers were learning in 2021 were JavaScript, Python, TypeScript, Java, IT consulting rates per hour 2022 Latest statistics and Go. C# is a general-purpose language largely used for developing Windows, web, and mobile applications. C# is also widely used for video games and anti-hacking software. The new year is a great opportunity to assess your programming goals and set new ones.

  • On the contrary, Go and Rust appear to be actively adding developers, although it is still unclear whether the two languages will climb the programming language ranking in the coming period.
  • According to the TIOBE Index of programming languages in October 2021, C# was the fifth most popular language.1 C# predecessors C and C++ took second and fourth, respectively.
  • As of Q3 2020, 12.4M developers globally were using JavaScript.
  • In 2021 we extended geographical coverage, which resulted in differences in the shares of some languages.

I learned html, css, and MySql many many many years ago and used to build web pages, sites, etc. Which language you choose for that last category is mostly about personal preference, and maybe general characteristics of the language. You could do the same for Mac apps, Windows apps, console games, and many other really specific categories of things. Ruby, Objective-C, and Scala have all decreased in popularity over the last 5 years.

The first scenario is that you want to build a particular type of app that you want to be able to distribute to other people to use. In this scenario, there are a very limited number of programming languages available. With hundreds of programming languages in the market today, it might seem like finding your way out of a dense forest, which is almost impossible if you don’t have a compass. That’s what this blog is meant to be for programmers – A compass. Despite being one of the older programming languages still in use , Python continues to be functional and popular.

Ruby and Lua have been around for more than two decades now, but their communities have essentially stopped growing in the last three years. On the contrary, Go and Rust appear to be actively adding developers, although it is still unclear whether the two languages will climb the programming language ranking in the coming period. Maybe you have asked your developer friends for recommendations and get different answers. They explained with terms that you don’t understand (what is object-oriented?!). To help you to pick your first programming language to learn, here is an easy-to-understand infographic that recommends the best option, depending on your purpose and interest.

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Before choosing your first programming language, you should also check out this infographic on What Is Programming And What Do Programmers Do. Learning to code could also be the start of a very successful side business, one that could evolve into a full-time job. The high-demand of programming jobs can open a whole market of offers, and even more opportunities if you consider doing freelance work. It seems you may have included a screenshot of code in your post “Does anyone know of/have a language infographic?”. The top-5 languages developers are planning to adopt or migrate to are Go, Kotlin, TypeScript, Python, and Rust. With the rapid change of technology being a multilingual developer means that you can get your hands on many different and exciting projects and become more hirable.

TIOBE ranks PHP as the ninth most popular programming language. According to TIOBE, Java is now the third most popular programming language. Did you know that the programming language used for the Kindle was created in 1972?

programming languages infographic

Where you don’t need to distribute the app to lots of people, you’re going to use it to solve a problem. Examples include making a Twitter bot, or solving a machine learning problem, or automating your house, or building a service that people can query to find their nearest public bathroom. For those sorts of problems, you can use literally ANY programming language, and there are hundreds of them.

An Infographic History of C# Programming Language

Women are more likely than men to be involved in data analysis, machine learning, and UX/UI design or research. Women are less likely than men to be involved in infrastructure development and DevOps, system administration, or Deployment. So, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What is your dream job? ” If you’ve got a clear picture of that in your mind, it will become easy for you to choose the most suitable programming language for your career – the one that will help you land your dream job.

This is the History of Programming language Infographic it show which program is used mostly mow a days. Find out how King University Online offers a private school education and a public school price point. Learn more about what you’ll need and the support you’ll receive when applying to King University Online. Sign up to receive the daily infographic in your email inbox each morning… Probably not exactly for which you are looking, but Learn X in Y Minutes gives a nice overview and taste of various languages. Regarding the first, I feel like most of the boot-camps I see navigate toward this.

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The group of major, well-established languages is completed with C/C++ (6.3M), PHP (6.1M) and C# . The fact that C# lost three places in the ranking of language communities during the last three years is mostly explained by its slower growth compared to C/C++ and PHP. C and C++ remain core languages in IoT projects (for both on-device and application-level coding), whereas PHP is still the second most commonly used language in web applications, after JavaScript. According to successful developers, a professional should know at least three programming languages. Some say that a programmer should learn a new programming language every year.

Computer programming has become a part of our daily lives and almost every device we use is dependent on a certain algorithm that is developed by writing a program. Humans convey a message by speaking a specific language in the same way machines interact with each other by analyzing computer languages. It allows us to control machines, software, and other devices. I don’t know of an infographic, but in general when picking a programming language there are two scenarios. While not a programming language like the others listed here,5 SQL is a very important query language. Find out more about information technology degree programs at Purdue University Global.

According to the TIOBE Index of programming languages in October 2021, C# was the fifth most popular language.1 C# predecessors C and C++ took second and fourth, respectively. Here is a coding languages list of some of the best to know in 2022, as well as one important non-programming language you should know. Computer programming languages are the backbone of the information age, but they don’t change that much. That’s largely because there is already a vast amount of code already written in these top IT programming languages. Both companies use multiple coding languages like Java and C++.

Even in software sectors where JavaScript is not among developers’ top choices, like data science or embedded development, about a fourth of developers use it in their projects. As of Q3 2020, 12.4M developers globally were using JavaScript. We also estimate that in mid-2020 there were 21.3M active software developers in the world. Notably, the JavaScript community has been growing in size consistently for the past three years.