New Patients

Three Steps For New Patient Appointments


Please complete and print the forms below along with drivers license and insurance card.


Please arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to appointment to complete patient registration process.


Many times your allergist will perform skin testing at your new patient visit, especially if you have asthma, rhinitis, or food allergy.

Instructions For New Patients

If new patients need to schedule an allergy skin test: There are several medications that interfere with testing and must be stopped before your appointment. We are requesting that you STOP taking the following medications: Zyrtec, or hydroxyzine (Atarax, Vistaril) for 5 days before your appointment; Allegra, Alavert, Astelin, Benadryl, Claritin, Clarinex, Wal-tin, and all other over the counter antihistamines or allergy/cold medications for 2 days before your appointment; and Singulair or plain decongestants (Sudafed) for 1 day before your appointment. Try not to use any asthma medications, nasal steroids (inhalants) or allergy eye drops the day of your appointment. You may use them up until the night before your appointment. Please use your rescue medications if you have an attack.

You may continue other medications. Do NOT use any kind of oils or lotions on your back the day of your appointment. If you have hives (urticaria) or angioedema, then you do NOT need to stop your medications. Call the office, the doctor may still want to see you, but will perform the testing at a later date.

If you are bringing in small children and are hesitant about skin testing, feel free to still schedule and discuss all treatment options with the doctor.

New Patient Forms

We ask that all our new patients fill out a Patient Information form and a Patient Health History form. You can download the forms below and bring the completed forms to your first appointment. This will save you time filling out the forms in the office.

If you have had any CT scans, labs or blood work done recently, feel free to bring a copy with you to show the doctor. Also, if you would like to request that your records be released from your previous doctor to our doctors, download and complete our Release of Information form and send it to your previous doctor so they can send your records to our office before your appointment.

New Patient Forms

Insurances We Take

Please be advised that if you have: Aetna HMO, Secure Horizons POS or Advantra Gold Advantage then you must have a current referral on file at our office before getting any office visits, vials, injections, etc. or you will be required to sign a responsibility form, and you will be responsible for the bill if a referral is not obtained.

Please also note that if you are on either of the following two insurance plans, you are not allowed to get a vial or an injection on the same day as an office visit: Carpenters or UMR.

Also please be advised that with some plans through GM, Ford or Chrysler, allergies are not a covered benefit, and you may be liable for the bill.

A formulary is what medicines the insurance company covers and at what level. Listed below are links to all the major insurance companies websites.

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